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“VoIP vs. Digital” What is the Best Solution for Small Business? The VoIP system vs. the digital key system decision is very intriguing as both platforms have their distinct benefits. At XBLUE Networks we offer both types of system platforms, the X-16, 45p and Xplus 100 represent our digital system offering and, the X-50 is our new VoIP system. Both system platforms have common and unique strengths. The common strengths are both technologies are very reliable, provide excellent voice quality and are very easy to install and program. And, both systems offer many of the same standard features desired by the small business customer, however there are some important differences. First of all, if the communication needs of the small business are rather basic, then it is still pretty hard to beat a digital telephone system for the best all around value. This is especially true with the XBLUE X-16 telephone system as it offers the lowest price yet offers many of the most desired small business features. Automated Receptionist, Voice Mail System, Caller ID and Conference represent just a few of the most popular features that are standard with the X-16. The digital systems also use traditional basic telephone lines that businesses have grown accustomed to using for many, many years. However, VoIP systems offer some valuable additional benefits that can justify a small business paying a bit more for their phone system. Take a look at some of these new telephone system benefits. Inexpensive VoIP telephone lines: VoIP systems use low cost VoIP lines. By upgrading to inexpensive VoIP lines businesses can save money on their total phone line costs and therefore realize an immediate return on their additional investment in a VoIP system. With the X-50 VoIP system we actually provide the unique option of connecting either VoIP lines or traditional telephone lines. This way a small business always has the flexibility to use the telephone line type that best fits their specific communications needs and budget. Off-site telephones: VoIP systems also provide off-site system telephones that allow a remote worker/home office to use the phone system completely seamlessly, just like they were located at the office. And, it’s the exact same phone that is used in the office so there is no extra expense to add a remote telephone. Email delivery: VoIP systems can send your Voice Mail message to your Outlook Inbox where you can listen to your VM messages from your PC from anywhere in the world. Web based programming: VoIP systems also add web based administration and programming which enhances the ease of installation. Remote office: Multiple VoIP systems can be used for branch offices to be seamlessly connected without the need of expensive dedicated telephone lines. In summary, at XBLUE, we embrace both VoIP and digital technology telephone system platforms. However, most telephone system manufacturers have decided to now only offer the VoIP platform. We believe that both platforms offer distinct benefits and value to the small business customer. So we decided to provide both system platforms and let the small business customer decide for themselves which system best meets their specific needs. By developing and implementing this “balanced technology” product plan our future success is not bound by any specific market projection or acceptance of a certain technology. As a result, we won’t have to subjectively force either side of the argument as others may to support a more limited product offering than XBLUE’s. We believe the best approach is to place the prospects of our future success firmly in our commitment to deliver the best overall value to small business. And, as a result, this absolute goal will be clearly evident as the distinguishing feature and core value of XBLUE.