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Nortel MICS Phone Systems     Reliability- Nortel has one of the best records in the industry for equipment reliability and durability. This means very little, if any, downtime for you; and less service calls from unhappy customers for us.       Scalability- The MICS can be configured from 1 to 144 telephone lines, and from 1 to 192 phone sets. It is capable of handling normal copper telephone lines, ISDN, or T- 1. It can be integrated with voice mail, computer telephony, or any other telecommunication device that exists. These factors demonstrate that the MICS is a system that is hard to outgrow.       Functionality- When we install a MICS system we know that it will perform whatever tasks you require of it now and in the future. Our company’s business model is based on repeat and referral customers, so we prefer to provide you with Nortel equipment because it is so good. The MICS is fully loaded. Even though you may not use all of the functions it is capable of, they are there if you ever need them in the future. That is why the MICS is the number one selling phone system in the world.